About me


Hi my name is Charis founder of Strong.Wise.Better, I am an Empowerment Mentor and Speaker.

This platform is for all women who have found their stregnth, their voice, their capacity and potential through life's battles, storms and challenges, the woman who has been through it, conquered it but now needs the push to rise back up, the push to let go and unlearn what doesn't serve her anymore and start becoming who she were created to be. 

My mission is to help women get better to start experience satisfaction in life, love and relationships. 

As a woman, a wife and a mother of 4 plus a bonus I have been through it, the life that is overwhelming and all the busyness that comes with it that can cause you to loose your own dreams, desires and goals you once wanted to achieve. I have been there and that is why I show my scars so that other women may know that theirs can heal too.
I want women to stop wishing, schrinking and settling for less, I help them to prepare, position and activate their strength, wisdom, willingness and bility to get better to experience satisfaction in life, love and relationships. 



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Dear woman


I know you have been thinking of it and I also know that you have been experinecing the discomfort of being where you are now,  allow me to empower you by saying this: It's time for you to become who you were created to be and start experiencing satisfaction in your life, love and relationships.


This is not the time to shrink, sell yourself short, sleep on yourself, wishing, wanting and settling for less just because less is available. 


This is the time to stand and deal. Time to recover. Time to invest in yourself and do the work to become A BETTER YOU!

Stop allowing hurt, life busyness, dissapointments, betrayal and brokeness from your past to cause you to lose yourself and settle for less. I will help you take ownership, bring the toxic walls down, find your vioce, set healthy boundaries and experience the satisfaction you want in your life, love and relationships. 

You got work to do. Don't hold yourself back. It's time to invest in yourself to work on your inner self to create a better outcome for your life!

You deserve it and you also owe yourself A BETTER YOU! 


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My work


I help women GET BETTER to experience satisfaction in life, love and relationships. I want to give you the tools you need to work on your personal development.


I do this through:


  • Exclusive empowerment & personal development events (online/offline)
  • Exclusive mentorship programs (online /offline)
  • Social media presence (facebook and Instagram)
  • 101 online and offline peronal development sessions (on request)
  • As an empowerment guest speaker at events (on request)
  • Other exclusive online and offline activities and more